SWAG Saturday: Hurry – Last 25x Gogo pass & tons of other Gogo SWAG today ONLY!

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Today is going to be a one day lightning round of fun Gogo SWAG. First the prize(s) one winner has a chance at winning:

  • A 25x use Gogo pass good on domestic and international flights!
  • An URPower bluetooth speaker with LED lights
  • An Aukey duel USB wall charger
  • A Gogo beanbag phone stand
  • A phone ringr stand / holder
  • A Gogo mini bear
  • A pair of Gogo socks
  • A Gogo bag handle wrap
  • A Gogo fidget cube
  • A Gogo backpack (not in photo)

Nice right – quite a haul of goodies. And here are the simple rules for today’s drawing. You must have a USPS mailing address to win. You may enter as many times as you wish but each comment below must be unique and you ONLY have today to enter. I will use Random.org to pick the winner after 10PM ET TODAY November 18th.

Have fun and happy commenting! – René


UPDATE: We have our winner from Random.org – no more comments!


Eye of the Flyer, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Eye of the Flyer and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer for EyeoftheFlyer.com - He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.

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Comments 1,435

  1. Nitin Chopra says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Have a trip next week. These would sure come in handy.

  2. LAURIE BROWN says:

    Would be great to win
    Thanks for all you do

  3. Michael Karpiel says:

    Thanks for the contest Rene.

  4. Jackson says:

    Have yet to win anything. Pick me!

  5. Jackson says:

    And just for good measure. May the contest god’s be with me!

  6. Ted says:


  7. Michael Keramidas says:

    Hi Rene,

    I would love that swag for my global trotting.

    – from ATL transiting to AUA


  8. Carol Davis says:

    Pick me! Please!

  9. Michael Halpin says:

    Please Rene. Please!

  10. Matt says:

    Looks like some great swag!

  11. SF says:

    Great giveaway Rene

  12. SF says:

    Looking forward to hearing more tips

  13. Max Lock says:

    Let’s see if I have some luck in DOH on my way to CMB.


  14. Glenn says:

    A Gogo pass for my Delta A350 flight to Narita would be awesome!

  15. Kay says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  16. yort says:

    I think I should win because I have been up since crazy-o-clock..

  17. Patti kukula says:

    Good stuff

  18. DoninATL says:

    Rene’s blog’s the greatest!

  19. Chris says:

    Hope I win!!

  20. Fernando says:

    Amazing prize. I just wanna use my Gogo inflight using my gogo socks. Let me rock in my next trip

  21. Wes says:

    Good SWAG to end out November!

  22. Wes says:


  23. Wes says:

    You da man!

  24. Wowww! Thanks for this oportunity!

  25. Gayle says:

    This is awesome! I hope I win. This would really make traveling easier.

  26. SF says:

    GoGo really went all-out with swag

  27. stacy says:

    Nice gifts to readers

  28. Sarah says:

    Thanks again, Rene, for swag Saturday! And all the great info!

  29. Neal says:

    Wifi swag. I’ll take it.

  30. Neal says:

    The more swag, the better

  31. Neal says:

    Gogo works *most* of the time

  32. Kiwii says:

    I love this idea. And i love swag!

  33. Xan says:

    It’s almost my bday and this would be awesome!

  34. Xandra says:

    Did someone say GoGo?! For thanksgiving?! You are awesome rene!

  35. Hiu says:

    Pick me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Kiwii says:

    I feel this is especially true with it being so early on a Saturday. “Wake me up, before you GoGo!”

    *dances in the airport and the song is stuck in my head for the next three days…*

  37. Kiwii says:

    10 days before my birthday and this would be pretty awesome.

    Though to be honest, I’m more excited about socks and a beanbag stand than GoGo passes. Blasphemy? Maybe….

  38. Marvin says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  39. TimF says:

    Would be awesome for my trip to Amsterdam

  40. Dianr says:

    Going on a trip, pick me!

  41. Doyl says:

    Let’s GOGO!

  42. Jim F. says:

    My son-in-law won your last giveaway so I’m hoping his luck runs in the family!

  43. Richard says:

    I will be on planes every week the rest of the year, sure could use the GoGo 🙂

  44. Tom G- says:

    …in transit, HNL to BWI, via a 3 hour layover in MSP. One of these swag items would be wonderful to win!

  45. Tom G- says:

    …currently in transit, HNL to BWI via a 3 hour layover in the club at MSP. pick me!

  46. Jim F. says:

    There once was a lad from Luxembourg
    whose parents worked at a morgue.
    Lest you think this is sick,
    it’s far worse to pick
    swag winners using Random.org

  47. Joshua Templeton says:

    I would love to win for my familys upcoming trips.

  48. j says:


  49. Amanda Templeton says:

    Flying Delta One to South America in a couple of months this would make the flight even better

  50. Jim F. says:

    Just a few short remain
    before the drawing is done;
    when a lucky reader is named
    I hope I’ll learn I have won!

  51. Harry says:

    Great prizes, pick me!

  52. have never used the Gogo would be great to try for free on my upcoming South East Asia long haul trip.
    thank you

  53. Klanfa says:


  54. Tom says:

    I just saw Gogo management yesterday! Michael has a great team!

  55. Jim F. says:

    There once was a sweet Irish lass
    who prayed to win something at Mass.
    She entered three times;
    even tried making rhymes
    to win Rene’s Gogo pass.

  56. Eric says:

    Nice giveaway…thanks

  57. Jim F. says:

    Many flights mean endless hours
    sitting on my *!#;
    time would pass much quicker
    with a GoGo inflight pass.

  58. j says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. Jim F. says:

    Where did you get all these GoGo passes, anyway, Rene? It’s amazing and your readers appreciate you sharing them.

  60. GRP says:

    Swag A Gogo!

  61. Jim F. says:

    The temp on some flights makes one swelter
    so to lounges flyers scatter for shelter;
    Rene shares the swag
    he gets to load in his bag
    by focusing his blog posts on Delta.

  62. Christopher D says:

    Gimme GoGo!

  63. Atif says:

    Very cool swag!

  64. Matthew Cantu says:

    War Eagle Rene! Thanks

  65. Tom G says:

    Before going to Hawaii, I chatted with GoGo. They told me access was available over water via satellite, but I had to purchase an international access, so instead of the $16 rate for 24 hours, I bought an international 24 hour access for $28. I questioned this, but GoGo assured me Hawaii was treated as international. Outbound, everything worked great.

    On the return last night/this morning, an hour after T/O, I tried to connect with a domestic fare accessI had bought months ago…for $16. Guess what, it connected immediately and worked the entire transit over water, and all the way to MSP.

    Anyone else experienced this when flying to/from Hawaii?

  66. Vinny M says:

    Appreciate the contest and the blog

  67. Erik Thorberg says:

    I love reading this blog! It’s part of my daily ritual of web surfing!

  68. Denise L says:

    Another great giveaway

  69. Amit says:

    All right. Who doesn’t like free stuff. Thanks René.

  70. Denise L says:

    Love Gogo

  71. Denise L says:

    Love Delta

  72. Denise L says:

    Thanks for the great blog

  73. W Horne says:

    Thanks for the SWAG!

  74. Hitan says:


  75. Brandon K says:

    I want to win!

  76. Michael Clow says:


  77. Matt S says:

    In for two!

  78. Jerry says:

    Rene’. You Really do a fantastic job on the blog….Congratuations on 6 years of success…

  79. Wfb says:

    Happy about another swag Saturday. Thank you as always!

  80. Wfb says:

    Less happy about the big change. But, respect none the less

  81. scott says:

    Thanks for all your info and today’s contest

  82. bippie says:


  83. Wfb says:

    Happy to write content some content. I have some ideas for daily articles.

  84. April says:

    Crossing fingers! I never win any drawing lol

  85. April says:

    And toes!!

  86. Dave says:

    Yes! Great blog.

  87. Wfb says:

    Millennial Monday’s – a new gen looking at DL. Credit card opinions and spending.

  88. N Nordgren says:

    Great reward this week!

  89. Nate Jackson says:

    Speaker sounds great, I’m Thailand bound and would love the sound. Let’s make it happen.

  90. Wfb says:

    Tuesday’s – biz and family trip comments. Work gets me flying quite a bit. So, I can keep up some of the DL day to day. Family is back and forth from DTW and Mex often. our local airport just got an AM flight to ATL. So finally some better DL connection options to get back to DTW. My wife has some family travel content on her mini blog. She could co-write tracelling with fam. She always has info on baby changing areas by airport and other escapes w kid.

  91. Wfb says:

    Wednesday- actual Rookie Wednesday. My rookie mistakes, questions, or best practices. I’ve been following points and travel blogs for 2 years. I’m definitely still a rookie, but really enjoy travel.

  92. Wfb says:

    Would love the WiFi pass, if nothing else. Just very excited and would love to get more involved.

  93. Wfb says:

    And thanks again for the swag! Hope we keep seeing these!

  94. Joe-SC1 says:

    1. All hail Rene! All hail GoGo! All hail Random.org!

  95. Wfb says:

    Really want the bear for my little guy, if nothing else.

  96. Wfb says:

    Question: did I miss the final post of the A350? Caught your first 3, but maybe I missed the final impressions. Have PS booked in Feb, excited.

  97. Wfb says:

    Another post for good luck

  98. Wfb says:

    Or two…

  99. Wfb says:

    Happy swag Saturday!

  100. Wfb says:

    For the record, I would not regift any of the swag.

  101. Wfb says:

    Check back for more amusing comments.

  102. Jeffrey Lesser says:

    Love swag

  103. Sterling says:


  104. Anns says:

    Up up and away into the wild blue yonder

  105. Peter W says:

    Nice! I would love to win it would add some swag to my upcoming trip:)

  106. LORENA says:

    Woah! I’m down!!

  107. Jim F. says:

    A word was omitted from one of my earlier posts:
    “Just a few short (hours) remain
    before the drawing is done;
    when a lucky reader is named
    I hope I’ll learn I have won!”
    I wanted my (corny) poem to make sense.

  108. D.A. says:

    If I win, can I give the swag to my local homeless shelter (they can always use socks along with things like chargers and toy bears) and keep the pass for me?

  109. john says:

    That’s a lot of swag.

  110. Jim F. says:

    With what I am calling the MOAMR (Mother Of All Mileage Runs) coming up in January, this GoGo pass would be put to good use.

  111. Jean says:

    I’m thankful for your blog, Happy Thanksgiving

  112. potcake says:

    Swag good!

  113. potcake says:

    Can always use and appreciate swag!

  114. GetToThePoints says:

    Nice haul of loot!!!

  115. Dave says:

    Thanks for the chance

  116. Blended says:

    I still don’t think that GoGo is all that useful, but what the heck, I’ll toss my name in the hat.

  117. Mark says:

    Congrats on 6 years!

  118. mj says:

    You’re the best!

  119. Mark says:

    I do want me some gogo swag.

  120. Gordon Parker says:

    I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day. Thanks for all the good info Rene

  121. Gordon Parker says:

    Could the day get any better. Happy Saturday

  122. Mark says:

    I really really want the gogo pass.

  123. Mark says:

    That gogo pass would be awesome while heading to EZE.

  124. Russell Sylvester says:

    Go go to me! Would love this.

  125. Jorge Mendez says:

    Swag Saturday love it.

  126. Scott says:

    Go Go!

  127. SF says:

    Congrats on the blog’s 6-year anniversary

  128. Phil R says:

    Thanks, as always, for the chance!

  129. SF says:

    GoGo swag is always useful

  130. ChuckB says:

    Swag is wonderful.

  131. Ellen says:

    This would be great!

  132. ChuckB says:

    Swag is good.

  133. ChuckB says:

    Not everybody wins it.

  134. Barry L says:

    Thanks for hosting this conest and your blog. Always a good read.

  135. ChuckB says:

    But I should.

  136. ChuckB says:

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself :>

  137. ChuckB says:

    I could really use these passes.

  138. ChuckB says:

    Many upcoming trips to China next year.

  139. Ferd H says:

    Nice swag. Would be great to win.

  140. Ryan says:

    As always… Bravo, René, Bravo!
    Congrats on 6 years!

  141. Ed Rothstein says:

    Love your swagger.

  142. Jeff says:

    I love these contests !

  143. Jeff Mc says:

    Swag Saturdays by Rene are the best!!

  144. Wes says:

    ¡Una más para buena suerte!

  145. Ms. M says:

    Love the chance at a freebie before my holiday spending. Thanks for the opportunity.

  146. Jarrod says:

    May the odds ever be in my favor.

  147. Zack says:

    would be awesome to win thanks for making a great blog

  148. Don King says:

    Super swag…thx

  149. Jen says:

    Loving swag Saturday!

  150. Jen says:

    That bear is cute

  151. Jen says:

    I learn so much from your blog. Thank you.

  152. Mark says:

    Looking forward to the swag. Thanks

  153. Justin says:

    Go go gadget swag

  154. Robin Montague says:

    Your blogs help my GoGo off the ground!

  155. Mark R. says:

    I want the GoGo pass.

  156. Cheryl says:

    Thank you Rene’

  157. Mark says:

    I’ve learned so much from you over the past 6 months. I’ll hit gold for the first time in Dec. Thanks

  158. B says:

    Come on Random.com, randomly choose me!

  159. Mark says:

    Yes, I really really want to use the gogo pass.

  160. Louis says:

    Great giveaway!

  161. Steve says:


  162. Lee R says:

    Good stuff.
    2 More flights this year

  163. Steve says:

    Appreciate the site, tips, and giveaway

  164. Steve says:

    Will this be my lucky comment?

  165. mike murphy says:

    it would be cool to have a chance to try all these nifty items

  166. claire says:

    wow more gogo

  167. John says:

    Keep up the great blog!

  168. Steve says:

    Multiple trips left for the year, this would be a bonus

  169. Steve says:

    Happy Holidays!

  170. claire says:

    I just love to work on a plane. Not! But I still like the passes.

  171. Steve says:

    Good luck to everyone who enters

  172. Steve says:

    Enough said! 🙂

  173. Mark says:

    And about your blog changes for 2018…Hope you keep some form of Rookie Wednesday. I found them to be both enlightening and/or a reminder of key items.

  174. Britta says:

    Amazing! Would love that gogo pass!

  175. Jen says:

    Yay Gogo!

  176. Jen says:

    You can never have too many socks

  177. Jen says:

    Thankful for swag Saturday

  178. Britta says:

    Those socks are amazing. Such great swag from Gogo.

  179. Britta says:

    Saturday swag day is the best and I’m feeling lucky. 😉 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  180. Britta says:

    I’m feeling lucky. 😉 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  181. Chris Pursell says:

    Thanks for keeping us up on all the new Delta information. You are the best for Delta news.

  182. Britta says:

    Come on gogo pass!

  183. David says:

    King Swag! Love it!!

  184. Louis C says:

    Go with GoGo!

  185. Britta says:

    Winning this would make my year.

  186. claire says:

    save a vacation day by working on the plane. What a way to go..

  187. Louis C says:

    I could sure use that GoGo pass!

  188. Louis C says:

    Got an upcoming trip from PHX to TLH and will be wanting to use GoGo.

  189. Britta says:

    I’m feeling totally obnoxious leaving all these comments but I want to win! Always end up working on flights and the pass would really help!

  190. BRIAN K ATHENS says:

    I love passes!!!

  191. ATHENS says:

    Always love swag!!

  192. Thanks for the great daily tips!

  193. Mark says:

    Thanks for swag Saturday.

  194. Beverly Harvey says:

    It’s all about the swag bag!

  195. Beverly Harvey says:

    Swag is the new me.

  196. Rob says:

    I never win anything!

  197. Beverly Harvey says:

    Come come to me gogo.

  198. Mark says:

    Wow…just noticed the swag included speakers…I gots to win now.

  199. Daniel says:

    This would Gogo great for my upcoming travel plans!
    Thanks, I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

  200. Bill G says:

    Awesome… here we go again! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  201. ron says:

    Wow! 125 entries already.

  202. Mark says:

    My swagger needs some swag.

  203. Jan says:

    That would be a wonderful birthday gift!

  204. k says:

    i’m going to a go go!
    (i hope)

  205. Mark says:

    How much swag could a swagger man swag if a swagger man could swag swag.

  206. Jan says:

    I would love to have these goodies!

  207. Mark says:

    To swag or not to swag, the answer may lie in the number of comments.

  208. Caroline says:

    Have really enjoyed your blog, you have taught me so many things about Delta. Pick me!!

  209. Mark says:

    Woot! It’s swag Saturday

  210. k says:

    swag: some definitions from the interwebs:

    Stolen Without A Gun

  211. k says:

    Sealed With A Gift

  212. k says:

    Stuff We Ain’t Gettin’

  213. k says:

    Squirrel With A Gun

    (a personal favourite)

  214. k says:

    Super Weird And Awesome

  215. k says:

    Select Worst Avid Golfer

    (you know who you are)

  216. k says:

    Still Without A Girlfriend

  217. k says:

    Scientific Wild-A** Guess

  218. Bill G says:

    Sure do love the Gogo swag. I hope there will be more types (like a discount code) now that the 25x passes are gone.

  219. k says:

    anyway, THANKS, rene!

    i’ve learned so much from you over the years… you make a lot of people’s lives a bit better!!!

  220. docntx says:

    Thank you for helping me discover Delta.

  221. Tad Dunlap says:

    Socks too?

  222. Wayne says:

    Wow! Thank you René. Another very generous Saturday!

    Reminder: It’s Schedule Change Saturday. Check you flights. Many itinerary changes for me today. Take advantage of Delta’s Change Rule.

  223. Andrew says:

    Great contest! Count me in

  224. Tad Dunlap says:

    Need flannel these nights

  225. Bill G says:

    Thanks, René for keeping me at the computer on another Saturday 🙂

  226. Andrew says:

    Enjoy reading your blog each day

  227. Tad Dunlap says:

    Fresh air will wake me up

  228. Andrew says:

    Could use a GoGo pass for my trip to Shanghai next month

  229. Tad Dunlap says:

    Before I go go….

  230. Tad Dunlap says:

    Some random evening

  231. Tad Dunlap says:

    You may meet a stranger

  232. Tad Dunlap says:

    Across a crowded plane

  233. Tad Dunlap says:

    And romance is out the proverbial window

  234. Tad Dunlap says:

    When they say, pardon me but I’ve got 4 C tonight….

  235. Tad Dunlap says:

    Hoping for a red coat to
    Intercede and offer me 10 K and guaranteed first class to take another flight!!

  236. carole says:

    would love to win!!!

  237. carole says:

    pick me, please!

  238. Mark says:

    Saturday again
    Awesome swag from Rene’s Points
    Winning would be grand

  239. Tad Dunlap says:

    These dreams

  240. Tad Dunlap says:

    Delta dreams

  241. Tad Dunlap says:

    Not many weeks left to get those MQDs

  242. Brad says:

    That gogo pass would definitely make my work trips more bearable.

  243. Tad Dunlap says:

    Need to get lessons from René on how best to do so

  244. Bill G says:

    Good luck on the new direction of the blog. Looking forward to more Mileage Run opportunities.

  245. Beverly Harvey says:

    Costa Rica and a GoGo pass with socks and soeakers just a few of my favorite things.

  246. j says:

    I’m in.

  247. Mark says:

    I fly to explore
    ATL is only hub
    Yes Delta exploits

  248. Mark says:

    Winning swag will help my Haiku.

  249. Reg McGhee says:

    Thanks again René! Keep blogging.

  250. Tad Dunlap says:

    Come Saturday morning it’s GoGo time!

  251. Tad Dunlap says:

    Oops fell asleep on the job it’s after noon now!

  252. Tad Dunlap says:

    Waiting for tires to be put on and glad it’s not the plane tires in need!

  253. Ed Y says:

    Thanks for the great SWAG. Congrats on 6 years.

  254. Pam says:

    I love GoGo and have never had a problem with them!

  255. Mark says:

    Woo-Hoo, another Saturday Swag drawing 🙂 Must be time for another Delta schedule change 🙁

  256. Helen M says:

    Love this blog and the information!

  257. Mark says:

    BTW, schedule changes are great, too, one can often score a longer route for more MQM at a better CPM.

  258. Candace says:

    Great prizes!

  259. Larry B says:

    Awesome SWAG Saturday!

  260. Candace says:

    Love your blog!

  261. Dennis Berkowitz says:


  262. Larry B says:

    Great giveaway opp, Rene! Thanks!

  263. Larry B says:

    Congrats on your 6y anniversary!

  264. Tad Dunlap says:

    Fidget? I dunno about that one.

  265. Tad Dunlap says:

    But the rest of the swag looks great!!

  266. Tad Dunlap says:

    Grateful to René for another opportunity! And all his insight!

  267. Tad Dunlap says:

    Some enchanted evening I’m gonna win!

  268. Grant says:

    Random.org pick me!

  269. Grant says:

    I could use 25 gogo uses.. thanks Rene!!

  270. Larry B says:

    Love Gogo!

  271. Larry B says:

    Can’t say enough good things about your blogging, Rene

  272. Mark says:

    I must really want to win. Also made the mistake of subscribing to the comments…not sure how good my odds are now

  273. Jaehyun says:

    25x gogo looks awesome!

  274. Mark says:

    Booked for my first D1 to EZE in Dec. Don’t think this would have been possible without this blog.

  275. Bill G says:

    Good thing (?) I’m not on a flight right now trying to win a Gogo pass when I don’t have Gogo!

  276. Mark says:

    Wish these posts earned MQMs…lol

  277. Kent says:

    Count me in. Looks like a fun pack for the whole family.

  278. Mark says:

    May I be random enough for the randomizer.

  279. Richard D says:

    Thanks for the chance to win !!

  280. Mark says:

    Great day for some swag.

  281. k says:



  282. Mark says:

    Is there a blog post about the best way to book award travel on partner airlines?

  283. Andrew P says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  284. Mark says:

    All I want for the holidays is this swag.

  285. Mark says:

    I ought to comment on your other posts too so I don’t feel too greedy…

  286. Larry B says:

    Wonderful giveaway, Rene!!

  287. Larry B says:

    This is a great stocking stuffer…for me!

  288. Brad says:

    I need Gogo

  289. Anthony says:

    Oh wow this is amazing!!

  290. Brad says:

    Met you at FTU Chicago. You rock!

  291. Sam says:

    Hey, a truly great swag!

  292. Bill G says:

    Well, if I enter once every half hour or so I’ll still be falling behind those who enter every two minutes but not worth calculated — luck is luck! And thanks are due, René.

  293. Marcy Julvezan says:

    You had me at Gogo

  294. k says:

    going for gogogold!

  295. Mark says:

    It’s Swaggerday.

  296. Bill G says:

    If I really need Gogo for a work trip, hopefully the employer will pay for it. It’s for the fun trips where a free pass is so much more useful!

  297. Mark says:

    Dang got to win now. My wife wants the socks.

  298. Mark says:

    Entering the drawing again, between making PreChecks mix…a seasonal snack shared only with those flying in for the holiday 🙂

  299. Gordon Parker says:

    I’m in. Pick me. Is today my day?

  300. Mark says:

    Haven’t had a Saturday schedule change in a long time….

  301. Gordon Parker says:

    What a price pack you have to offer.

  302. Gordon Parker says:

    What time is it? Gogo time !

  303. Larry B says:

    Can’t wait for all this SWAG!!!!

  304. Mark says:

    Swag would be soooo cool.

  305. Mark says:

    Anyone else prepping early for Thursday’s Tday dinner with family?

  306. Larry B says:

    You da man, Rene!

  307. Mark says:

    Fidget box like a spinner…never used either.

  308. John L says:

    Congrats on 6 years!!

  309. Mark says:

    Will bump for swag.

  310. Mark says:

    Swag woiuld be so awesomeness

  311. Mark says:

    I now right where I would put the gogo bear…

  312. Mark says:

    Time to get on the exercise bike to sweat for Saturday swag…

  313. Mark says:

    Good day for a mileage run, anyone taking a nice one today?

  314. k says:

    having fun reading some of your favourite posts, rene!

  315. Larry B says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done, Rene

  316. k says:

    i’ve never won anything… these would come in so handy as i’ve got a LOT of travel coming up!

  317. Denise L says:

    Very generous

  318. Denise L says:

    Thanks for the wonderful blog

  319. Mark says:

    Have a couple runs planned in Jan, the pass would be nice to give global Gogo an try.

  320. Jim F. says:

    OMG…the included speaker really looks cool! I’d be excited to win it all by itself!

  321. Denise L says:

    Love Swag on Saturday

  322. Denise L says:

    Great Swag

  323. David says:

    Pick me

  324. David says:

    Pick me please

  325. David says:

    Pick me please Rene

  326. David says:

    I hope I win

  327. David says:

    I hope I win this

  328. David says:

    I hope I win this swag

  329. David says:

    I hope I win this great swag

  330. David says:

    I hope I win this great swag Rene

  331. Steve Roman says:

    I promise not to sexually harass you if I win.

  332. David says:

    Cool swag

  333. David says:

    Cool swag Rene

  334. David says:

    Happy anniversary

  335. Tom Baker says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Appreciate all you do! Greatly appreciate it if we win but if not, you are awesome!

  336. David says:

    Happy anniversary Rene

  337. David says:

    Happy 6th anniversary

  338. David says:

    Happy 6th anniversary Rene

  339. Mark says:

    I could attempt to sing for swag but that would not be recommended.

  340. David says:

    Great blog

  341. David says:

    Great blog Rene

  342. David says:


  343. David says:

    Thanks Rene

  344. David says:

    Thanks for your insight

  345. David says:

    Thanks for your insight Rene

  346. David says:

    You provide good info

  347. David says:

    You provide good info Rene

  348. David says:

    Winning comment

  349. David says:

    THIS IS the winning comment

  350. David says:

    Or maybe this one wins

  351. Doug says:

    Thanks, Rene’

  352. David says:

    Or it could be this one

  353. Luke US says:

    Would love to win!!

  354. Luke US says:

    I would love the GOGO pass!

  355. Tad Dunlap says:

    Be kind oh randomness….

  356. Tad Dunlap says:

    Rainy days and swag days

  357. Mike Reiners says:

    Yes, please!

  358. Tad Dunlap says:

    Don’t always get me down…

  359. Tad Dunlap says:

    Where to go go next….

  360. David says:

    Yet another comment

  361. Mark says:

    Another entry, another chance!

  362. Selenephoenix says:


  363. Selenephoenix says:

    Re mi

  364. Selenephoenix says:

    Fa sol

  365. Selenephoenix says:

    Fa sol la

  366. Mark says:

    Gogo swag Saturday could not be better…other than for me to win.

  367. Selenephoenix says:

    Ti doh a deer

  368. Selenephoenix says:

    Sitting at the dock of the bY

  369. Selenephoenix says:

    Watching the tide roll away

  370. Selenephoenix says:

    Please allow me to introduce myself

  371. Selenephoenix says:

    I’m a man of wealth and taste

  372. Selenephoenix says:

    She would never say where she came from

  373. Selenephoenix says:

    Yesterday do t matter if it’s gone

  374. Selenephoenix says:

    Goodbye ruby Tuesday

  375. Selenephoenix says:

    If I were a rich man

  376. Mark says:

    Random.org is a random number picker, what are the odds of my number being picked randomly? Hmmm…

  377. Selenephoenix says:

    All day long I’d bitty bitty bum

  378. Selenephoenix says:

    I would t ha e to work hard

  379. Selenephoenix says:


  380. Selenephoenix says:

    a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down

  381. Selenephoenix says:

    Bell bottom blues

  382. k says:

    thanks for the opportunity to win something… adding a bit of fun to a grey saturday here where i am!

  383. Selenephoenix says:

    Stairway to heaven

  384. Selenephoenix says:

    Eight days a week

  385. Selenephoenix says:

    Talking bout my generation

  386. Selenephoenix says:

    Season of the witch

  387. Selenephoenix says:

    Tears of a clown

  388. Selenephoenix says:

    Everything is beautiful in its own way

  389. Selenephoenix says:

    Twice I. The pipe if the answer is no

  390. Selenephoenix says:

    Off to see the wizard

  391. Selenephoenix says:

    If I only had a brain

  392. DoninATL says:

    I think Gogo is pretty good. It’s especially cool to be connected at 35,000 feet over the Pacific.

  393. Selenephoenix says:

    Oh what a beautiful

  394. k says:

    hey, random.org, you’re looking good today…

  395. Kurt Witzig says:

    Love the blog and now the prizes too. You are very generous!

  396. Selenephoenix says:

    Trouble right here in river city

  397. Selenephoenix says:

    Marian madame librarian

  398. Kurt Witzig says:

    And I can enter more than once? Way cool . . .

  399. Selenephoenix says:

    When you walk through a stir. Hold your head up high

  400. Selenephoenix says:

    Dites-moi pourquoi la vie est belle

  401. Selenephoenix says:

    Somewhere over the rainbow

  402. Selenephoenix says:

    Olde man river

  403. Selenephoenix says:

    Tonight tonight won’t be just any night

  404. Selenephoenix says:

    I feel pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and bright

  405. Selenephoenix says:

    And I pity any girl who isNy me tonight

  406. David says:

    Eating and commenting

  407. Selenephoenix says:

    When the men on the chessboard get up
    And tell you where to go

  408. David says:

    Eating lunch and commenting

  409. Selenephoenix says:

    Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes benz

  410. Rich says:

    im in !
    random.org do your thang !!!

  411. David says:

    Eating and commenting..hope to win

  412. Selenephoenix says:

    My friend’s all drive porches

  413. Selenephoenix says:


  414. David says:

    Eating and commenting to win

  415. Selenephoenix says:

    Magic carpet ride

  416. Selenephoenix says:


  417. Mark says:

    It’s swag Saturday and I get to visit the inlaws…what could be better?

  418. Selenephoenix says:

    Chelsea morning

  419. Selenephoenix says:

    Would you like to ride my beautiful balloon

  420. Selenephoenix says:

    When the moon is I. The seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars

  421. Mark says:

    It would be a great day to wear gogo socks!

  422. Selenephoenix says:

    Hickory dickory dock

  423. Bill G says:

    Pretty cold and cloudy here in the Northeast. Guess it’s time to sit by the fire and type a comment every half hour! Thanks for the opportunity.

  424. Mark says:

    May the swag be with us all.

  425. David says:

    Eating and commenting to win big

  426. Selenephoenix says:

    Humoty dumpty

  427. Selenephoenix says:

    Jack and Jill went up the hill

  428. David says:

    Eating and commenting to win swag

  429. Selenephoenix says:

    Little bo peep has lost her sheep

  430. Mark says:

    If you don’t swag the first time, just keep on swagging.

  431. David says:

    Lots of good swag

  432. Selenephoenix says:

    It is the age of Aquarius

  433. Mark says:

    I’m swaggong until I swag no more.

  434. Selenephoenix says:

    If I had a hammer

  435. David says:

    Rene has the best swag

  436. Selenephoenix says:

    Send me dead flowers

  437. Mark says:

    What’s that you say, it’s Swaggerday!

  438. Selenephoenix says:

    Where is thimbkin

  439. David says:

    Rene has the best swag saturdays

  440. Mark says:

    Swaggerday should be everyday!

  441. David says:

    Will I win?

  442. Selenephoenix says:

    I’m babysitting for my granddaughter and she is sleeping g

  443. David says:

    Will I win? I hope so

  444. Mark says:

    Swag to the left swag to the right.

  445. David says:

    Winning swag is awesome

  446. k says:

    just how do you do it? everyone’s always talking about you. “random.org is killing it.”
    “random.org put the random in random.org.”
    “random.org has it going on!”

    what’s your secret?

  447. David says:

    Free swag

  448. Mark says:

    Thanks to gogo and rene…i be swagging…

  449. k says:

    random.org, you’re so pretty…

  450. Mark says:

    Thanks for the chance to get my swag on…

  451. Mark says:

    This is more fun than a barrel of swag

  452. Norris Krueger says:

    Love ya man! +1 on the Fidget but, hey…. what the heck!

  453. Mark says:

    Rene and swag like peas and carrots?

  454. Norris Krueger says:

    p.s. Happy Thanksgiving, Rene! And all of you!!

  455. Mark says:

    Off to the kingdom of swag

  456. David says:

    Eating good bbq…trying to win swag

  457. Carla Brown says:

    My early Christmas!!

  458. David says:

    In SC…trying to win

  459. David says:

    In Charleston trying to win swag

  460. Kathy D. says:

    I’d be very thankful to win.

  461. Luke US says:

    Please pick me! 🙂

  462. Luke US says:

    GoGo Pass? Great!

  463. ATHENS says:

    Look free stuff

  464. deb Withee says:

    Anyone at FTU Chicago?

  465. Randall Kellogg says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  466. deb Withee says:

    Great time at FTU Chicago!

  467. Mary Beth says:

    I’s love to win some Gogo swag!

  468. deb Withee says:

    Pick me!

  469. deb Withee says:

    Great prizes!

  470. shlomo says:

    I sure hope to use gogo wifi many times next year!

  471. deb Withee says:

    Yea go-go passes!

  472. deb Withee says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  473. deb Withee says:

    This is the one to pick!

  474. Luke US says:

    Thanks for this nice initiative!

  475. Mark says:

    Enjoying a little Chicago Airport Jazz on the internet radio, entering another try for the Swag Saturday drawing, and looking for a few more good CPM weekend runs to buffer myself for 2019. It’s all good!

  476. ChuckB says:

    Ya know…

  477. ChuckB says:

    It seems to me

  478. ChuckB says:

    That Rene’s blog

  479. ChuckB says:

    Is way too popular.

  480. ChuckB says:

    How’m I EVER gonna win??

  481. ChuckB says:

    But if I do,

  482. Mary Beth says:

    Thank you, Rene! I love that you have these give-aways!

  483. ChuckB says:

    As one of Delta’s newest Diamonds (Yay for ME!)

  484. deb says:

    Trying again!

  485. ChuckB says:

    I’m gonna be burning up the bandwidth!

  486. ChuckB says:

    Happy Thanksgiving back to you @Norris!

  487. Larry B says:

    Comment 476

  488. Tad Dunlap says:

    Airport jazz? Not sure I know what that is…:

  489. Tad Dunlap says:

    But if we speak of ORD

  490. Tad Dunlap says:

    Pleasantly surprised by one of the best meals in my life there

  491. Tad Dunlap says:

    Wonder if that restaurant is still there

  492. Tad Dunlap says:

    It was up in a dome, overlooking concourses of another carrier sorry DL

  493. Tad Dunlap says:

    Maybe it was called Seven Seas? This was in 1981 so it’s been a while

  494. James says:

    Have never won & have two more trips scheduled in 2017!

  495. Tad Dunlap says:

    The wonderful dish there was of a Midwestern staple – perch

  496. James says:

    Great SWAG!

  497. Tad Dunlap says:

    With a Euro flair – Grenobloise sauce. Mmm mmm mmmm!

  498. Wayne says:

    Thanks for the Great Info & Your Generosity to readers!

  499. Wayne says:

    Feeling LUCKY on this SWAG Day! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  500. Tad Dunlap says:

    The hills are alive with the sound of GoGo

  501. EL says:

    entry 1, sick socks!

  502. ATHENS says:

    Free passes!

  503. EL says:

    love the blog! sad to see it down to 3 days/week.

  504. EL says:

    lucky #3

  505. Larry B says:

    Wonderful SWAG!

  506. David says:

    Still commenting

  507. John says:

    Thanks for all you do!

  508. David says:

    Just pick me

  509. David says:

    Just pick me rene

  510. David says:

    Just pick me please

  511. David says:

    Just pick me please Rene

  512. David says:

    Trying hard to win

  513. David says:

    Trying hard to win Rene

  514. David says:

    I need this

  515. Tad Dunlap says:

    A ghost of a chance

  516. Tad Dunlap says:

    On a wing and a prayer

  517. David says:

    I need this Rene

  518. David says:

    I need this swag

  519. David says:

    I need this swag Rene

  520. Larry B says:

    LOVE using Gogo!

  521. David says:

    I will use this on the way to Hong Kong

  522. Mark says:

    The swag man cometh

  523. David says:

    I will use this on the way to Hong Kong Rene

  524. David says:

    I will use this on the way to Bali

  525. Mark says:

    I want a peanut butter and swag sandwich

  526. David says:

    I will use this on the way to Bali Rene

  527. David says:

    I will use this on the way to India

  528. Mark says:

    Or maybe a swaggernutter sandwich

  529. Tad Dunlap says:

    Do you see what I see?

  530. David says:

    I will use this on the way to India Rene

  531. David says:

    I could use this

  532. Mark says:

    Looks like I’m by far not the only Mark posting for th e swag

  533. David says:

    I could really use this

  534. Tad Dunlap says:

    Let it snow after I am done driving!

  535. David says:

    I could really really use this

  536. David says:

    I could use this Rene

  537. David says:

    I could use this swag Rene

  538. Mark says:

    To whom the swag tolls

  539. David says:

    I could really use this rene

  540. David says:

    I could really really use this swag Rene

  541. Mark says:

    Oh no….its a swagnato

  542. David says:

    500th comment

  543. David says:

    501st comment

  544. Mark says:

    Need to get my swag on and win this

  545. David says:

    Free swag is cool

  546. David says:

    Free swag rocks

  547. David says:

    I like free swag

  548. Louis C says:

    Great blog, Rene!

  549. David says:

    I like free Delta swag

  550. David says:

    Rene rocks

  551. David says:

    Free swag from Rene rocks

  552. Louis C says:

    I would love to win!

  553. David says:

    I like free swag from Rene

  554. David says:

    Sitting at airport

  555. David says:

    Sitting at airport trying to win

  556. Diana says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  557. David says:

    Sitting at airport trying to win free swag

  558. David says:

    Got fee Wi-Fi…now I need free swag

  559. David says:

    Rene= free swag

  560. Tad Dunlap says:

    Back to life

  561. David says:

    Rene’s blog = free swag

  562. Tad Dunlap says:

    Back to reality

  563. David says:

    Rene’s points=free swag

  564. David says:

    Rene’s points blog = free swag

  565. Tad Dunlap says:

    No wait – there’s swag to be won!

  566. David says:

    Read and win

  567. David says:

    Read and win free swag

  568. Tad Dunlap says:

    Lots of it today!

  569. Tad Dunlap says:

    I want to win win win !!!

  570. Mark says:

    6.5 hours of swag posting left.

  571. Mark says:

    Woop ders swag woop ders swag

  572. Chaz says:

    Thanks for offering swag!

  573. Mark says:

    Cool gogo

  574. David says:

    Still sitting and trying to win

  575. David says:

    So many posts…so little to say

  576. David says:

    Just pick me already

  577. David says:

    Just pick me already Rene

  578. David says:

    Wonder which post will win

  579. David says:

    Maybe this one

  580. David says:

    Read, fly, swag

  581. David says:

    That last one made no sense

  582. David says:

    Ate good food in Charleston while trying to win

  583. Bill G says:

    Oh my, I haven’t commented in a couple of hours.

    Good luck everyone and thank you, René.

  584. David says:

    Ate good food in Charleston while trying to win this swag

  585. David says:

    Now I’m in the Charleston airport

  586. David says:

    CHA is the code for Charleston SC

  587. David says:

    Actually it’s CHS…autocorrect changed that

  588. David says:

    Headed to Atlanta

  589. David says:

    ATL is the code for Atlanta

  590. David says:

    If I keep posting I hope I win

  591. David says:

    Trying hard to win today

  592. David says:

    What my bee will random.org pick?

  593. David says:

    What my bee will random.org pick as a winner?

  594. David says:

    What number will random.org pick

  595. David says:

    Autocorrect keeps changing what I type

  596. Mark says:

    Time to get my swag on.

  597. Mark says:

    Getting my swagger on for some swag.

  598. Mark says:

    Way to go on 6 years! Always good advice and information. Plus the swag thing is a great treat for your readers 🙂

  599. Tad Dunlap says:

    Looking for a good fare online is hit or miss

  600. Tad Dunlap says:

    Or a hot mess

  601. David says:

    Still waiting on my plane

  602. Tad Dunlap says:

    Or sometimes, both!

  603. David says:

    Still waiting and still trying to win

  604. David says:

    Trying to think of a comment

  605. David says:

    Over 600 comments so far

  606. David says:

    Good luck all

  607. David says:

    Good luck everyone

  608. David says:

    Still hope I win

  609. David says:

    I would make good use of this

  610. David says:

    I would make good use of this if I win

  611. David says:

    Is random.org really random?

  612. Tad Dunlap says:

    Searching but not finding

  613. Sarah says:

    Rene is the best!

  614. Tad Dunlap says:

    We’re lost in a masquerade of teaser fares!

  615. Tad Dunlap says:

    I miss the number of upgrades I used to get.

  616. Diane says:

    Really nice swag this week. Thanks Rene!

  617. Tad Dunlap says:

    Need to move up the Medallion food chain

  618. David says:

    I hope this is randomly picked

  619. Tad Dunlap says:

    René is the one to follow

  620. David says:

    More posts = more chances

  621. David says:

    More comments = more chances

  622. David says:

    I am going to run out of things to post by 10 pm

  623. David says:

    Waiting to board plane now that it’s here

  624. David says:

    Free gogo…yeah

  625. David says:

    I like free gogo

  626. David says:

    I like winning free gogo

  627. David says:

    Free gogo is good swag

  628. David says:

    Rene gives away good swag

  629. David says:

    Fingers crossed that I win

  630. David says:

    Taking a break soon

  631. David says:

    I could use go go on plane to win free gogo

  632. David says:

    Rene is #1

  633. David says:

    Free swag is the best swag

  634. David says:

    Yet another comment…hope I works

  635. David says:

    Yet another comment…hope I works…if not…then all this is ffor nothing

  636. David says:

    Any one ever hear that DELTA stands for don’t expect luggage to arrive?

  637. David says:

    That’s why I rarely check bags

  638. David says:

    Delta has never lost my bag

  639. David says:

    About to board my 82nd segment of the year

  640. David says:

    Free go go makes flights better

  641. David says:

    I like international free gogo

  642. Luke US says:

    Please pick my post!

  643. David says:

    CHS to ATL….

  644. David says:

    I need a Woodford

  645. David says:

    First class should include free gogo

  646. David says:

    Still waiting to board

  647. David says:

    Anyone fly the new A350 yet?

  648. David says:

    can silly comments still win?

  649. David says:

    Can winning comments be silly?

  650. David says:

    And still we wait to board

  651. Tad Dunlap says:

    Uh oh sleep won’t win the day

  652. David says:


  653. Jim F. says:

    Well, we’re up to 600 entries with 6 hours still to go. I know we’re all (myself included) playing by the same rules but unless there’s some tangible advantage (for Rene) in “bulking up” the number of comments, it seems like some criteria for having one’s post count would make this a more interesting contest. This is a great prize deserving of quality entries rather than simply quantity.

  654. David says:

    Still commenting away

  655. David says:

    Not much else to do in CHS airport

  656. David says:

    No skyclub here

  657. Diane says:

    Congrats on 6 years!!

  658. David says:

    I like the skyclub

  659. David says:

    My kids like the skyclub too

  660. David says:

    Woodford should be free in the skyclub

  661. David says:

    Lots of wheelchairs on this flight

  662. Bill G says:

    Thank you for approving posts frequently — I love to see the number of comments grow and grow! (Well, NO other comments except mine would be good too :-))

  663. Tad Dunlap says:

    What a year

  664. Wfb says:

    Making my 2nd blog post run, need the Gogo for the next mileage run

  665. Wfb says:

    bright side, even if I don’t win, free messaging. So I got that going for me, which is nice

  666. Jen says:

    Yay a backpack!

  667. Tad Dunlap says:

    How time flies

  668. Tad Dunlap says:

    Especially if you can GoGo a flight away

  669. Jerry says:

    How’s that for a USPS postal address? Thanks

  670. David says:

    First class = free woodford

  671. David says:

    662nd comment

  672. David says:

    Swag Saturday’s are the best Saturdays

  673. David says:

    Lots of 787’s here at CHS

  674. Wfb says:

    Do you think Delta would give your blog readers free access to your site while onboard? Worth asking…

  675. David says:

    Delta needs to buy some 787’s

  676. David says:

    On the plane….not going anywhere fast

  677. David says:

    Rene….how many miles does the average DL plane fly per year?

  678. Wfb says:

    A Gogo pass would be a great way to spread some holiday cheer, or survive holiday travel

  679. David says:

    I wonder what the oldest plane DL has is?

  680. David says:

    Still hopeful I win this free swag

  681. David says:

    And still I keep posting

  682. Wfb says:

    Does anyone have good plane spotting tips for DTW? Or how to survive LAX T2?

  683. David says:

    Over 670 posts

  684. Wfb says:

    Kind of want to try one of the new transcon routes, but not via JFK. Any domestic lay flat from DTW?

  685. Tad Dunlap says:

    Is it just me ( I think not ) but should Atlanta’s airport be renamed Gate Change Likely!

  686. Wfb says:

    The Gogo pass would compliment my first PS run this Feb.

  687. Stephanie P. says:

    Thanks for all the info on your blog, René!

  688. David says:

    I hate flights that board slow

  689. David says:

    Delayed…and slow boarding…yuck

  690. Luke US says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  691. David says:

    Guess I have to keep posting

  692. David says:

    Think we may push back soon

  693. k says:

    @jim f.,

    i kind of agree that the post-as-many-times-as-you-want thing is a bit odd and rewards people who have the time to stay on the computer with the most entries… perhaps making the selection LESS random?

    but rene can do what he wants and i’m gonna keep flirting on here with random.org, just in case.

    (hey, baby, how YOU doin?)

  694. David says:

    Looks like a nice evening to fly

  695. Wfb says:

    Final few posts, first, a big thank you for the opportunity for a Gogo pass

  696. Wfb says:

    2nd, hope to see continued great blogs about DL

  697. David says:

    Enjoying a Woodford while I wait

  698. k says:

    man, that’s really random…

  699. Mark says:

    Getting close to 600 posts.

  700. Britta says:

    Wow, a lot of comments since this morning!

  701. David says:

    Are there any domestic routes that always use INTL configured planes

  702. Julie P says:

    Have never won and would love this. Fingers crossed!

  703. k says:

    hey rene,

    do you read all this silliness?

    ; )

    thanks again for the fun and generous offer!

  704. Britta says:

    Everyone wants to win the gogo giveaway!

  705. David says:

    Favorite plane for lie flat seats?

  706. k says:

    i want mo’ gogo

  707. Britta says:

    Early Christmas present?

  708. ChuckB says:

    WFB has a good question, though

  709. David says:

    Favorite plane for lie flat seats? Aside from A350

  710. ChuckB says:

    I suspect not, given the way

  711. k says:

    j’aimerais bien gagner cette prix!

  712. Britta says:

    My fingers and toes are crossed!

  713. David says:

    Favorite airport?

  714. ChuckB says:

    you tweak their noses so often.

  715. Wfb says:

    Finally, do you have a single favorite aspect about DL?

  716. ChuckB says:

    But maybe, who knows?

  717. ChuckB says:

    You do say a lot of nice things, too.

  718. David says:

    My favorites are CDG, Dubai and Singapore

  719. Wfb says:

    Impressive number of comments, needed 1 more to improve my odds

  720. Britta says:

    Is AA ever going to release more milesavers?

  721. ChuckB says:

    When they’re warranted. ; >

  722. Britta says:

    Thinking of making the switch to Delta…

  723. Wfb says:

    Or a second comment to give a slight edge

  724. David says:

    I like the A330 or 777 rather than 767 lie flats

  725. Wfb says:

    Third time is a charm, I hope!

  726. Britta says:

    Delta tends to have a better hard product. Except on TATL.

  727. k says:

    quisiero ganar estos pases, por favor

  728. Mark says:

    Wow…lot of posts…odds not looking good.

  729. Britta says:

    Well except for Delta’s new suites. Those are amazing.

  730. k says:


  731. David says:

    And still we sit and wait and wait and wait

  732. David says:

    Almost 700 posts

  733. Mark says:

    Almost 4 hours till swag time.

  734. k says:

    crossing my fingers!

  735. k says:

    who likes knock knock jokes?

  736. David says:

    Almost 700 posts…this is 699

  737. David says:

    And here is 700

  738. Mark says:

    The anticipation is intense.

  739. David says:

    Ok. Door closed. Pushing. Taking a break

  740. wfb says:

    I know the Gogo pass is cool, but I feel there should be more excitement about the Bluetooth speaker

  741. wfb says:

    The speaker lights up… like portable mood lighting

  742. wfb says:

    And let’s not forget the socks

  743. wfb says:

    Those are some power socks

  744. wfb says:

    And let’s not forget the backpack

  745. wfb says:

    Mystery backpack

  746. Charlotte Narboni says:

    Hello Rene, Good luck with your new schedule.

  747. k says:

    there’s a bit of a delay but i’m guessing we’ll double this number by 10pm!

  748. k says:

    how many people here have flown in 1st on KLM? i’ve been upgraded a few times by ground staff in AMS and, well…

    i want more of those little houses!

  749. Tad Dunlap says:

    One fine day

  750. Tad Dunlap says:

    I’ll be randomized!

  751. k says:

    personally i love CDG because of it’s retro-mod-spaceage feel. those glass tubes remind me of space mountain in disney world. (honorable mention to the former TWA terminal at JFK, may she rest in peace.)

    CPH is beautiful, with it’s teak floors.

    the main hall of JFK terminal 4 is kind of cool.

    anyone have comments on airports in asia or the middle east? i imagine dubai and singapore would be much nicer than anything in the west.

  752. k says:

    blah blah blah

    ; )

  753. k says:

    ha ha

  754. Roxanne says:

    Fingers crossed!

  755. Tad Dunlap says:

    Do you know where you’re going to?

  756. wfb says:

    Any sports themed mileage runs? Like opening day / week for baseball

  757. Tad Dunlap says:

    And will GoGo get you there?

  758. wfb says:

    Or a contest who can grab the best fares or miles redemptions for March Madness?

  759. Tad Dunlap says:

    Delta is ready

  760. Tad Dunlap says:

    When we are!

  761. Tad Dunlap says:

    Curious to see the new uniforms.

  762. Tad Dunlap says:

    Coming soon yes?

  763. wfb says:

    Admittedly, not related to a Gogo prize pack, but it’ fun to speculate on different mileage run scenarios

  764. Bill G says:

    I hope Gogo considers the issuance of multi-use passes at a discount. Now it’s a one-time thing or unlimited for a month so I often opt to use neither. A single use seems too expensive and the unlimited doesn’t seem worthwhile if one only flies once or twice a month. (Not to mention they make it so difficult to cancel.)

  765. Bill G says:

    Yeah, so what about those socks? I can’t see the advertising benefit of those unless you walk around shoeless in a business meeting!

  766. Rdk says:

    Random is better than skill

  767. Bill G says:

    Hmm, just a wrote a comment which didn’t seem to be moderated or posted, so will write again (this intro makes it unique in case the other goes though):

    I hope Gogo considers offering multi-use passes at somewhat of a discount. Right now it’s one time use or all you can consume in a month, so I often opt for neither. A single-use seems overpriced for what I would do with it and a monthly isn’t worth it for the occasional flyer. (Plus they make it difficult to cancel to boot.)

  768. Bill G says:

    Hmm, twice in a row my comment didn’t get sent for moderation. There must be a filter somewhere sending it to spam (though it was a very non-spammy and I think, useful, observation. And even related to the topic!).

  769. Wfb says:

    Saw a comment a few hundred back saying DL should get some 787. Kind of agree.

  770. Tad Dunlap says:

    I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

  771. Wfb says:

    Also, think brunch on a plane is a market to be considered

  772. Tad Dunlap says:

    Fly me to the swag

  773. k says:

    oh gosh, i almost forgot i was trying to win this thing

  774. Tad Dunlap says:

    Rainy nights make me wanna fly south to the beaches.

  775. Larry B says:

    Can’t wait to claim the winnings!

  776. Larry B says:

    Thanks always, Rene!

  777. Larry B says:

    Your blog is a very satisfying read, Rene!

  778. David says:

    Landing in ATL…

  779. David says:


  780. David says:


  781. David says:

    Other swag

  782. David says:


  783. Ramona says:

    You made me a winner at the Medallion game!

  784. David says:

    Figit cube

  785. David says:

    Teddy bear

  786. David says:

    25x Gogo

  787. David says:

    Free gogo on a free flight…that would be a delight

  788. David says:

    Swag swag and more swag

  789. David says:

    Parking at last gate…long walk

  790. David says:

    Just want to get home

  791. Mark says:

    Wondering how many swag posts I’ve made thus far.

  792. Doug says:

    hope to win!!

  793. Mark says:

    Always have use for a backpack.

  794. Mark says:

    At this rate there will be over 1k posts.

  795. Candace says:

    I would love to be a SWAG Saturday winner!

  796. Dan says:


  797. Tad Dunlap says:

    I would like a GoGo trench coat

  798. Tad Dunlap says:

    Not that René is Santa

  799. Tad Dunlap says:

    But maybe our requests to GoGo would lead to something ?

  800. Tad Dunlap says:

    Tell me something good…..

  801. Tad Dunlap says:

    Ready for GoGo upgrades

  802. Tad Dunlap says:

    Well I guess that should be GoGo AND upgrades!

  803. Tad Dunlap says:

    Nooo they just added snow in morning to the forecast for BWI.

  804. Tad Dunlap says:

    Does anyone remember Corkys BBQ on flights from MEM?

  805. ATHENS says:

    Me me pick me

  806. ATHENS says:


  807. Tad Dunlap says:

    Snow changes consistency during an avalanche.

  808. Brian Watkins says:


  809. Tad Dunlap says:

    The motion creates heat which melts some of it, creating ice out of snow.

  810. Mark says:

    Think I’m falling behind on comments.

  811. Tad Dunlap says:

    Enough talk of snow and ice

  812. Mark says:

    Need to have something witty to say.

  813. Tad Dunlap says:

    Yes tis the season and ho ho
    Ho! But I’m cold enough as it is.

  814. Mark says:

    Swagity swag swag

  815. Tad Dunlap says:

    How many months until spring?

  816. Mark says:

    If the socks don’t fit my feet, I may be able to turn them into mittens.

  817. Tad Dunlap says:

    Spring forward? I guess we just fell back so bah humbug.

  818. Mark says:

    Look ma, it’s a swag giveaway.

  819. Tad Dunlap says:

    Seasons change and swag comes and goes.

  820. James says:

    Backpack Mystery!

  821. Mark says:

    Internet speed is busted in North Georgia. Wish I could connect to gogo now.

  822. James says:

    Have never won! Is tonight the night? LOVE TO FLY & WOULD LOVE TO WIN!

  823. JIM says:


  824. JIM says:

    I need this for travel….thanks for all you do!

  825. James says:

    SWAG winner tonight…Lotto winner tomorrow? Start the cycle Rene! Tks!!

  826. JIM says:

    Pretty please!

  827. Mark says:

    Long live the swaggers

  828. Tad Dunlap says:

    The fires destroyed 2400 homes in Alberta. Which was massive but the Calif wine country lost 8000. Sad.

  829. James says:

    Would LOVE to win the SWAG tonight! Flying to New Orleans & Portland in the next 3 weeks!

  830. Tad Dunlap says:

    Supercalifragilistucexpialadocious. Right?

  831. Tad Dunlap says:

    Now I want pizza with lots of toppings!

  832. Tad Dunlap says:

    Sandy eggo will be 71 tomorrow nice!!

  833. Wayne says:

    Winning SWAG tonight…SWEET!

  834. Tad Dunlap says:

    Maybe Cantore will be stalking thundersnow soon!

  835. Wayne says:

    Would LOVE to defy the odds & win Rene’s SWAG!

  836. Phil says:

    I hope i win!

  837. Wayne says:

    I’m believing “Never Say Never” tonight!

  838. Kathy says:

    Wow, thanks Rene!

  839. Wayne says:

    You have to enter to WIN! Tks René for the amazing opportunity tonight!!

  840. Tad Dunlap says:


  841. Tad Dunlap says:

    Too many options

  842. Tad Dunlap says:

    Flights at 30,000 feet saw tornado debris in 1957. So sayeth The Weather Channel.

  843. Candace says:

    I love to have GoGo on a flight!

  844. Simon Root says:

    Hope to win.

  845. Tad Dunlap says:

    Rather see swag and use GoGo myself.

  846. Tad Dunlap says:

    Maybe I won’t do laundry tonight. 217 more minutes to enter!

  847. Tad Dunlap says:

    Oops new math. 187 minutes now 186.

  848. deb says:

    We are trying again!

  849. deb says:

    If at first you don’t suceed. Try, try again.

  850. Randy White says:

    What a great collection of swags

  851. John G. says:

    I appreciate all your advice!

  852. Mark says:

    Yada, yada, yada = Gogo winner, right?

  853. Jeff says:


  854. Mark says:

    I’m goo goo for Gogo.

  855. Paul v says:

    Awesome stuff! Thanks !

  856. David says:

    Home still want swag

  857. David says:

    Over 850 comments

  858. David says:

    My odds are not good

  859. David says:

    I love gogo

  860. Mark says: